Hot Shine Tire spray
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    Hot Shine Tire spray

    How is the Hot Shine spray for slinging? I don't the stuff all along the side of the new paint after the car show.

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    Re: Hot Shine Tire spray

    ALL tire dressings will sling if you get too much on the side of the tire and then drive the car, it's called inertia and excess product will sling off. Most people think like this,

    If a little is good, more is better

    and this carries over to tire dressings.

    Here's how you can apply any tire dressing and insure it won't sling off, after applying your choice of tire dressing and allowing it to penetrate for a few seconds or a minute or two, take a clean towel and wipe the tire down paying close attention to removing any excess out of the cracks, crevices and grooves.

    At our house we have two piles of garage towels, good towels that we would touch paint with and "Tatty Towels", these towels are clean but we wouldn't use them on paint, instead we save them for grungy work like wiping excess tire dressing off tires to prevent tire sling.

    Of course if you're goal is the shiniest tire you can get then wiping the tire tends to give you a matte finish, so if you want the Super Shiny look, then what you want to do is "Mist" a very light coat onto the tire and walk away, allow the mist of tire spray to atomize and cure onto the tire.

    That way you won't have an excess of product to sling off.

    Takes a little practice.

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    Re: Hot Shine Tire spray


    In my humble experience, it's my go to product. I've used the Aerosol can (my favorite), spray and out of the bottle. When spraying, spray lightly and move the bottle like spray painting your old Huffy.... I have not had a sling problem. Like Mike said, if you use too much, then all of them will sling.

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    Re: Hot Shine Tire spray

    I use it with a tire applicator (Eagle One). Spray onto the applicator and wipe it onto the tire. Works great and I've never had a problem with slinging....and I drive a black car, so I'd be able to see pretty easily if it was slung on the paint.

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    Re: Hot Shine Tire spray

    I agree with Nappers, Hot Shine is a go to product for me. I also like the can, but have used the spray and the gel versions. I like the can because that seems to be the easiest for application and doesn't overspray or get your hands messy.

    I find that most of the time I detail my car in the evening and then usually won't go anywhere until the morning so I apply a little bit more than average, but it settle in there overnight and doesn't sling. Wiping off any excess is always a good idea if you plan on driving it again soon.
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