Static dust cling
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Thread: Static dust cling

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    Static dust cling

    How can I mitigate static dust cling on my new car's finish? Yesterday, I washed and cleaned my new car using a car wash detergent, followed by drying with a chamois cloth and towel. I then applied a polysealant to remove any remaining waterspots and streaks, and then cleaned the glass with glass cleaner. The finish looked great! I left the vehicle in my closed garage overnite. Today, I went to reinspect the car. I opened the garage door and within minutes discovered a layer of fine dust clinging to the finish as well as to the glass, in particular the rear glass closest to the garage door. The garage is normally warm inside and always dry and reasonably dust free, and there was no perceptable breeze or wind..
    This is the second time in 2 weeks that this has happened, and appears to be related to climate change, as in when the weather changes from cold and damp to warm and dry and then opening the garage door and exposing the vehicle to ambient outside air. Am I rubbing on my vehicle too much, and inducing static onto the vehicle? Or is there too great a difference between "inside air and outside air", which is somehow causing static dust cling?
    Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?
    I live in SoCal, not far from Irvine.
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    Re: Static dust cling

    Some people swear by the antistatic strip that you can get at any auto shop. It hangs down off the rear of your car and comes into contact with the pavement. It is suppose to prevent static shock when getting in and out of the car plus it is suppose to displace dust that clings to your car. I have never owned one but have talked to guys who swear by them.

    Here is a picture and you can purcahse at StopZap.Com

    Cat :x

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    Re: Static dust cling

    Hi Roadhog / Orange County Neighbor

    Never seen this before, so lets take it "by the numbers" and maybe we can help.

    Please advise:

    1. "car wash detergent" - Manufacturer / Brand
    2. "polysealant" - Manufacturer / Brand / How did you apply
    3. "glass cleaner" - Manufacturer / Brand / How did you apply
    4. "chamois cloth" - Real / Synthetic / Other
    5. "towel" - Bath Towel / Microfiber / Other
    6. "rubbing on my vehicle too much" - What are you using?
    Could be if you are rubbing the finish dry it would cause static.
    Remember the old balloon trick where you rubbed it and it would stick to clothing.
    (Looks like I just gave away my age ...)

    7. "new car's finish" - Did the Dealer polish / wax / seal with magic potion? If so what?

    Don't know if I will be able to assist, but there are some very smart guys
    and gals here that should be able to help within the next day or so.

    Please respond to the questions above when you get a couple of minutes.

    Harry - Huntington Beach "Surf City U.S.A." California
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    Re: Static dust cling

    You will never be able to totally eliminate dust attraction. But some products attract more dust than others. I notice a significant reduction in dust attraction since I started using the Ultimate Quik Detailer (UQD). You should apply some right after washing and drying your car. In the summer I use it to remove the light dust buildup that I get on my car during the week. UQD had made maintaining my paint much easier.

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