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    Black and Decker Polisher

    Hey Guys! I just got a Black and Decker KP 900 polisher/waxer from my Brother-in-law as a gift since This Black and Decker Polisher is only a third of the price of the professional type that I have always wanted And I cant afford the professional type as of now. Can you please share some Ideas on how I can maximize the use of this machine with meguiars products? Can I use this to remove swirl marks? light oxidation? apply wax? Given that I use attachements that came with the machine (wool pad and polishing pad foam) How?

    Im a newbie in detailing and I only had a short course for paint care using meguairs products. All the professional and consumer products are readily available here in the Philippines.

    Please share your experiences If you have used this type of machine.
    Recommended Meguiar's Products (dual action cleaner/wax, hi tech yellow wax, etc.)
    how to use the machine and the products.

    Thank you very much for your time, i hope Im not asking to much and I hope to learn from all of you here at the Meguiar's Forums.

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    Re: Black and Decker Polisher

    A tool like that will be able to spread waxes, polishes, but wont have the power to really remove swirls/scratches. With enough effort, it might remove light swirls from workable paint, but that is about it. Here is a link talking about that:

    Rotary vs. PC vs. Regular Orbital Buffer

    And as far as the pads, etc, you are on your own. Or try and see if the Meguiars, or Sonus, or any good pads can be used on it at all?

    As far as products, you would still use the basic machine products. Read this link:

    Recommended Products - G100a Dual Action Polisher

    And then this is how the G100 would be used, maybe you can apply it to your machine:

    Using the G-100 to remove swirls with the Professional Line

    Hope that helps you out a bit....
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    Re: Black and Decker Polisher

    that would be a step up as far as doing work by hand, youll be able to apply wax quickly with it, and depending on how bad the paint is youll get some good results using color x, could be good at applying scratch x also

    can never have to many tools anyway
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