chrome chips repair ?
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Thread: chrome chips repair ?

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    chrome chips repair ?

    have a front grill of a nissan that has a bit of the chrome chipping, a few spots down to where I see a bit of rust..

    any idea of how to repair this chrome front grill ?

    re-chromed ?

    how to re-finish ?

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    Re: chrome chips repair ?

    Quote Originally Posted by tumbler View Post
    any idea of how to repair this chrome front grill ?
    Can't help you with the problem, but it got me thinking - there's so little chrome on cars these days. When I was a kid, seemed like half the car was made from chrome. It sure shined up nice! Nothin' like looking at your reflection in the bumper of a late 60s Pontiac! That was one huge mirror.

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    Re: chrome chips repair ?

    I tried to repair chrome many years ago without success. It would just keep peeling off further. Unless there is something new, perhaps just put a rust inhibiter on it, and hope it keeps the rust from getting underneath the chrome.

    davisinla, I remember those chrome bumpers. I had a 67 Pontiac Grande Prix, all chrome in the front and back. Someone drove into the back bumper and I had to have it re-chromed. SEVEN times they re-chromed before it was acceptable. so, Tumbler, I hope the re-chrome process is better than it was back in 72.
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    Re: chrome chips repair ?

    I have chrome peeling on my side bumper of a 96 Nissan and the rust is starting to show.

    The front part of the front bumper was replaced after a deer hit, so it's in new condition.

    Having been in the chrome plating business in the early 70's (did custom bike parts), I can tell you that once the chrome starts delaminating from the base metal, there's nothing you can really do. You could clean the rust and spray some clear enamel as a temporary measure, but, the part is going to keep on going.

    Chrome plating is not an EPA friendly process and most of it now is done overseas due to very stringent regulations. It's nasty to work with copper, nickel and chrome and the tainted water is as poisonous as can be. The filtration neede to chrome plate items in the U.S. is very expensive and subject to tons of on-site inspections: Been there...done it.

    In the end, you could get a replacement part, or "patch" the existing part with clear coat.

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