Hard Water Spots
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Thread: Hard Water Spots

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    Hard Water Spots

    Please help...I have tried to use your NXT Professional Wax to remove some bad hard water spots and have been unsuccessful. Do you have any other suggestions for removing them?

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    Re: Hard Water Spots

    Nxt has some cleaners in it, but not very strong ones. You might want to read some of these links, to see the full process....

    Meguiar's 5-Step Paint Care Cycle

    Step 1 Wash

    Step 2 Clean

    Step 3 Polish

    Step 4 Protect

    Step 5 Maintain

    Suggested Products for Taking Care of a New Car

    What it Means to Remove a Scratch

    How To Remove Swirls By Hand

    How to remove a defect by hand with ScratchX
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    Re: Hard Water Spots

    Hey dgriffin3, welcome to the forums! I'm from Yulee, just North of you.

    Here's another thread you might want to read:
    Removing water spots
    Lydia's Mobile Detailing
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