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Thread: New to detailing help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Smile New to detailing help would be greatly appreciated.

    Im not completely new to all this but still a newb. I have a black mustang that i think is in need of a considerable amount of attention and care. I dont have a machine to polish as i can not afford it...yet. Ne ways i was planing on:
    Wash car
    Clay Bar
    Scratch X
    Depp Crystal Polish
    NXT wax
    My hope is...will scratch X help take out the oxidation and swirls from my paint(pics below)

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    your steps are right just be sure to work in small areas and work it in very well! and note that it may take multiple applications.

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    It is also important to have good quality sponges, towels, and be sure to use the 2-bucket system for washing. Dont want those swirls to come back once you remove them.

    Be sure to read the links in your other thread.. just in case you didnt see them yet...

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    Those links were really helpful..apreciate it very much.

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