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Thread: wax build up?? next day after wax

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    wax build up?? next day after wax

    i waxed my spoiler at night
    let it sit for about 20 mins then
    cleaned if off

    the next morning i noticed
    there was a build up of swirls that looked like wax...
    any ideas

    did i not clean it off well

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    maybe you didnt remove it totaly....try another THIN coat to even things out

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    It sounds like the product might of not been applied thin, evenly, and not given enough time to dry. This occurs usally with polish.waxes. Polishes if not applied correctly can lead to a blotchy and oily look. This can easily be fixed. Reapply a very small amount (dime size) of product onto a foam pad or cotton terry towel, spread the product onto a small section and work it in thoroughly until it gets thin, then wipe off immediately. What this does is wipes off any excess polish in the paint and evens the look out. Let us know how it turns out.

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    Yea i think that was the problem
    I don't think i applied it thin

    i guess more isn't always better

    i didnt know!

    thank you

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