How long does your inventory last?
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Thread: How long does your inventory last?

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    How long does your inventory last?

    As an enthusiast detailer, I'm actually amazed that I'm still on a bottle of #26 that I purchased over 3 years ago. What's more amazing, is that my two jars of #16 will probably last longer than my car. Let's not even talk about #7.

    Of course, I only have one car to detail: mine. But I wash every week, wax every other week, and do a full detail every month or two. So it's a frequent routine for me, no doubt.

    There's so many products out there I'd like to try--NXT tech wax, #21, etc--but I can't seem to finish what I have! I kinda wish the consumer products came in smaller sizes so that they'd be easier to finish!

    Can anyone relate?

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    Same here I get years out of cleaners/polishes/waxes. What usually happens something new comes out that I try and end up with multiple products then they last even longer, maybe even for ever! With all the products... the nice thing is I can get the exact look I want at that time.

    Its a "problem"!

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    ive only got a small inventory.

    started off buying the 3-setp process a year ago...
    the cleaner and polish i still have 3/4 left
    the carnuaba has 1/4 left.

    bought #9, and thats 1/4 left
    scratch-x full tube

    NXT i have half a bottle left from 4 months.

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    Yeah.. eventualy, something is just going to need tossed....

    Soap: Gold Class, Nxt, Shampoo Plus
    Cleaner: DC#1, ScratchX
    Polish: DC#2
    Wax: Gold Class Paste, Gold Class Liquid, Nxt Paste, DC#3, #21
    Cleaner/Wax: ColorX, A-12

    Plus Leather Cleaner/Conditioner, APC, ASD, Trim Detailer, Glass Cleaner, Quick Clay, Insane Tire Spray, Carpet Cleaner, Odor Remover, etc etc etc.....

    And all the pads and towels....

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    For me I still have 1/2 bottle of #83 left.

    I also have 1.5 bottle of #80(had it for 2 years) and 3/4 full of #16. Those are Meg's stuff only.. I didnt mention other boutiques products that I go.

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