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NY Detailer
Dec 27th, 2004, 11:21 AM
I posted this around so you may have read this already.

Hey Guys, I am working on a new detailing service that may benefit some of the pro's here at Meguair's Online..

I am trying to expand the service to my corporate customers, most of them want me to start to travel to other states, some I can get to, others are just way to far.

So what I am starting under my business is a group of detailers, where the corporate accounts I have come to me, and I send out the work to areas that are covered.

This is how it will work. The corporation calls me and asks me for a quote on an event they have coming up. I take all the info and contact the detailers in that area. You will then give me a quote for the work that needs to be done. I go back to the client and make the offer. Once we get the contract a copy of the contract is sent to you and signed by you. It is then sent back to me and the detail event is yours to do.

Here is what I will need from you if you want to be part of this.
1. I need your name, address and areas you cover, along with your company name.
2. Liability Insurance for your business, this is a requirement from customers.
3. Brief summary of your business.

Once I get all the info I need, I will then go to my Corporate accounts and inform them of the new areas that are covered.

There are guidelines that we will need to go over once an event comes up and guidelines change for each event.

If you are interested in this please send an email to me, no need to reply.

If you have a question about this you can post it here as I am sure others have the same question.

The sooner I get people involved the sooner I can get work to them as the events come up.